The humble beginning of the business was when our co-founder when working with hair loss, slow hair growth sufferers and women who had experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment.

She decided to find an alternative and effective way to stimulate hair growth for these women as an alternative to simply covering it up with wigs and hair extensions. It was in 2015 that our first product ‘Hair Gro Accelerator™’ was born.

We yearned for products that were cruelty free that captured our core values and reflected the African continent, lifestyle and aspirations.

Our products are free of all harmful chemicals including parabens, silicones, petrochemicals and sulphates.

African plants produce some of the most effective and potent natural remedies. Generations before us have benefited from these ingredients, we believed that it was time to share the wonder and ancient botanical knowledge of Africa to the world.

Kente Beauty

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