Natural Hair care treatment for your valuable hair

Wigs and Weaves Range

Your hair plays a profound role in your overall appearance!

We at Kente know how hard it is to choose the right hair extensions and we also understand how hard it is to find the right hair care treatment for your valuable hair.

That is why we developed unique products specially made for Wigs and Weaves to give your hair all the nourishment it needs to stay healthy, protected and long lasting.

But what makes our Wigs and Weaves products so different and special?

Our unique Cuticle Preservformula with a rich blend of natural oils deeply penetrates the hair shaft to virtually heal from within.

Argan Oil will hydrate the core, Avocado nourishes the middle layer and Shea Butter smoothes the cuticles on the outside. Keratin protein repairs and rebuilds structure and strength of rootless hair for elasticity and healthy shine.

One of the good things about our products is that they can be used for many different hair types. It tames frizz and adds volume while keeping the hair natural shine, making it perfect for both curly and straight hair.

Natural Range

Take control of brittle and breakage, bring back the bounce and softness to your fro’.  Millions of us are enduring slow growth and about fed up with hiding our locks under weaves and extensions.

With the help of Kente Naturals formulas which combine cosmetic science with the ingredients of Ancient Africa, is just what you need.

Our strand strengthening anti-breakage formulas wash away build up without stripping your precious coils. Enriched with anti-oxidants and a powerful cocktail of 100% natural ingredients, it is sure to become part of your daily routine.

Kente Kids Range

Taking Good care of your kid’s hair and scalp from the get go is very important. Their scalp and hair is very fragile and sensitive, which is why at Kente we formulated products especially for our growing Little Angels that are chemical free and *organic.

We know that whatever goes into our kid’s skin will be absorbed into their little bodies.

Kente cares for your kid’s hair Naturally!


Babies have very sensitive scalps and are prone to dryness, cradle cap and irritation. Over washing your baby’s hair and scalp can strip away the natural oils. Kente’s Paediatric Aloe Africana range treats baby’s scalp the natural way. Rich in natural oils, combined with so pure goodness of aloe leaves hair baby soft.

Our paediatric range is non-toxic and free of any nasties, soap free and eco-friendly giving you the peace of mind that only the best natural ingredients are going into your little’s one skin.

Ethnic Kids

Dreading those hair washing day screams? Kids hair wash day is Much fun with Kente!

 Here’s How! 

  1. Wash hair with Kente Conditioning Shampoo (Normal shampoos are a big NO No, they strip the hair and leave it dry, bad idea for African kids).
  2. Apply Kente detangling deep conditioner, before rinsing out the product with warm water, gently detangle the wet hair with a comb.
  3. Towel dry and seal moisture with Kente light oil moisture sealant after every wash.

With these three steps you can prevent breakage and stimulate growth, most importantly  it will keep your child’s hair soft and easy to comb.

Mixed Kids

Are you having trouble taking care of your biracial kid’s hair? 

Perhaps you are a mother who is frustrated with trying to take care of your little girl or boy’s biracial hair with different textures? Kente Mixed Kids range is formulated especially for biracial hair using *organic ingredients.

Mixed kids have special hair care needs, and there are precautions you have to take when treating their hair.
Our mission is to make it as easy as for you as 1,2,3.

Ancient African botanical knowledge and science

We work as a team researching, developing and producing new and existing products.

We yearned for products that were cruelty free, and that captured our core values and reflected the African continent, lifestyle and aspirations.

Kente Beauty

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